• The Pendulum of Queer History

    by Samuel Huneke

    As the Republican Party embraces aggressive transphobia as a political wedge issue, there is historical reason to believe that the strategy will provoke organizing, reform, or even revolution for queer liberation. 

  • How to Fight Back Against the Right's "Parents' Rights" Moral Panic

    by Jennifer Berkshire

    Parents' fears about losing control over their children have been the raw material for potent politically-motivated moral panics for a century and more. But those panics aren't irresistible, because parents everywhere still value public schools as democratic community institutions.  

  • Deconstructing "The Child"

    by Jules Gill-Peterson

    Since the Victorian era, Anglo-American conceptions of childhood have worked ideologically to place children at risk of harm through the justifying idea of love, and hide the reality that only a tiny percentage of young people experience youth as protected, secure, and nurtured. 

  • Reactionary Media are Fueling Anti-LGBTQ Violence

    by Ben Miller

    When the media give a platform to the idea that trans people living in public inherently encourages sexual abuse, violence aimed at removing them from the public will follow. The media need to take responsibility for Colorado Springs and call out icitement to violence. 

  • "For We Were Strangers": Trans Refugees and Moral Panics

    by Gillian Frank

    Trans Americans will be increasingly compelled to flee states where laws repress them. What does this refugee crisis share with the past experiences of queer people migrating in search of safety and sexual freedom or women crossing state lines to access abortion? 

  • Historians Documenting the Lives of Transgender People

    Historians like Jules Gill-Peterson argues that the history of transgender people is often hiding in plain sight, and contains as many moments of joy as of discrimination or misunderstanding. 

  • "Two-Spirit" Visibility and the Year Activists Rewrote History

    by Gregory D. Smithers

    In 1990, a group of Native activists coined the term "Two-Spirits" to encompass a variety of people who embodied masculine and feminine traits in indigenous communities, replacing colonizers' terminology that emphasized shame or deviance. Marginalized communities change their history by changing who tells their story, and how. 

  • Visible Activism Key to Protecting Trans People From Discriminatory Laws

    by Shay Ryan Olmstead

    The legal strategies that LGBT groups have used to defend their rights and dignity in society may be less effective with hard-right judges on the bench. Direct action and activism outside the courts will be needed to make sure that the right doesn't use the law to target trans people for political gain. 

  • Texas's Anti-Transgender Policies Erase the State's Indigenous Transgender History

    by Gregory D. Smithers

    The prominent role of what would now be called transgender individuals in indigenous societies in Texas was part of the justification Europeans claimed to colonize the land; students compelled to learn Texas history in school could learn a much more inclusive set of stories. 

  • We, The Abuser State

    by Jules Gill-Peterson

    Texas's announcement of a policy defining some support for transgender youth as "child abuse" echoes the abuses of colonial authorities on gendered minority groups.