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  • Originally published 07/17/2017

    Macron, Netanyahu mark 75 years since France's roundup of Jews

    French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday marked 75 years since the roundup of some 13,000 Jews to be sent to Nazi death camps, calling France's responsibility a "stark truth" at a ceremony attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Originally published 10/22/2015

    Netanyahu, Husseini, and the Historians

    Jeffrey Herf

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's comments about Haj Amin al-Husseini's impact on Hitler's decision-making about the Final Solution in Europe do not stand up to the consensus of historical research.

  • Originally published 03/19/2015

    Israel votes Apartheid

    Neve Gordon

    "At least now there will be no liberal Zionist façade, camouflaging Israel’s unwillingness to dismantle its colonial project "

  • Originally published 03/05/2015

    On the Use and Misuse of History: The Netanyahu Case

    James Fallows

    "I take the Iranian threat seriously. But I suspect hysteria is unhelpful—and if that's true, so is raising the specter of the Holocaust, as Netanyahu does every time he discusses this topic.
" A historian on the current state of debate.

  • Originally published 12/04/2014

    How Netanyahu Committed Political Suicide

    Dr. Alon Ben-Meir

    Prime Minster Netanyahu’s insistence on passing a bill that will define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people is as disgraceful as his denial that Israel is not an occupying power.

  • Originally published 07/03/2014

    Netanyahu's Steady Hand

    Daniel Pipes

    "I have often criticized Netanyahu but the excellent analysis in this speech suggests a steady hand at the helm."

  • Originally published 01/25/2013

    Jim Sleeper: Israel's Election: Sea Change, or Mood Swing?

    Jim Sleeper lectures in political science at Yale and posts frequently at TPM. He has been a New York newspaper columnist and is the author of The Closest of Strangers and Liberal Racism. His website is www.jimsleeper.com."In the space of a few hours, Netanyahu watched as the American people formally gave their president four more years, and the people of Israel gave their prime minister six more weeks. That is the prime minister's deadline for forming a new coalition based on a Knesset majority, and it is going to be one long row," writes Bradley Burston of the liberal Haaretz, Israel's equivalent of Britain's The Guardian.In Burston's judgment, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a mostly Pyrrhic victory in the recent elections not only because he'd tried to offset religious rightists' defections from his coalition by moving farther right himself; his big mistake was to assume "that the center was as dead as the left. [But] the center, unimaginably, woke from years of suspended animation."