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Bronze Age

  • Originally published 06/04/2013

    Bronze age boats found in Cambridgeshire

    A fleet of eight prehistoric boats deliberately sunk thousands of years ago has been discovered in a Cambridgeshire quarry.The vessels, including one which is almost nine metres long, are the largest group of Bronze Age boats ever found in one site in the UK.Many are still well-preserved and one is even able to float after 3,000 years buried in the site on the outskirts of Peterborough.Others display intricate carvings and have handles carved from oak tree trunks for lifting them out of the water. Traces of a fire lit on the surface of one boat to cook the day's catch were also found....

  • Originally published 03/25/2013

    Cambridge dig unearths 'thriving' Roman settlement

    An archaeological dig in Cambridge has revealed the site's history from the Bronze Age to its role in World War II.Excavation of the site in the north-west of the city began in October, ahead of a large-scale University of Cambridge development. Roman roads and World War II practice trenches were amongst the discoveries. Christopher Evans of Cambridge Archaeological Unit said: "Something that is going to be vibrant in the future was also vibrant in the past."...

  • Originally published 03/22/2013

    Stone Ships Show Signs of Maritime Network in Baltic Sea Region 3,000 Years Ago

    In the middle of the Bronze Age, around 1000 BC, the amount of metal objects increased dramatically in the Baltic Sea region. Around the same time, a new type of stone monument, arranged in the form of ships, started to appear along the coasts. New research from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden shows that the stone ships were built by maritime groups....

  • Originally published 02/22/2013

    Amazing find in Dartmoor Bronze Age grave

    A rare discovery dating back 4,000 years has been described as the most significant find on Dartmoor (Devon, England), and has given archaeologists a glimpse into the lives of the people who once lived there.  The undisturbed bronze age granite cist uncovered in 2011 in a peat bog on White Horse Hill revealed the first organic remains ever found on the moor, and a hoard of about 150 beads, including two amber beads. Previously only eight beads in total had been found on the moor.... 

  • Originally published 02/20/2013

    Syrian violence threatens ancient treasures

    Aleppo's medieval covered market has already been gutted by fires which also ripped through the city's Umayyad mosque. Illegal excavations have threatened tombs in the desert town of Palmyra and the Bronze Age settlement of Ebla, and Interpol is hunting a 2,700-year-old statue taken from the city of Hama. In a country which also boasts stunning Crusader castles, Roman ruins and a history stretching back through the great empires of the Middle East to the dawn of human civilisation, the task of safeguarding that heritage from modern conflict is a daunting responsibility....

  • Originally published 01/25/2013

    Japan's oldest bronze comma-shaped bead unearthed in Tottori

    OSAKA, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- A team of Japanese archaeologists has found a bronze comma-shaped bead, which is believed to be the oldest of its kind in the country's history, in the western Japanese city of Tottori, local press reported on Thursday.The metal curved bead, dating back to the early sixth century, was excavated from one of the tombs built in the early sixth 6 century at the Matsubara No. 10 Mound in the city according to the daily Mainichi Shimbun....

  • Originally published 01/07/2016

    The Stethoscope as Synecdoche

    Jim Loewen

    The real purpose behind that celebrated shiny instrument doctors wear around their necks like a talisman.