Salman Rushdie

  • The Bitter Irony of Rushdie Being Attacked at Chautauqua

    by Charlotte M. Canning

    Chautauqua was founded for the discussion of ideas, and while the attack shows there is no perfect asylum from repression, the Institution's survival represents the ongoing commitment to education and civic discussion. 

  • Salman Rushdie Changed Everything

    by Siva Vaidhyanathan

    The novelist's creative brilliance and critical acclaim signaled a moment for south Asian people around the world to see themselves outside the frame of colonialism and to grapple with the subcontinent's ethnic and religious fissures. 

  • Want to Support Salman Rushdie? Read His Books

    by Randy Boyagoda

    A professor of English literature argues that it would be a shame for the novelist to be known only for the controversy surrounding his novel The Satanic Verses and the threats made against him and others involved in its publication. 

  • The Valentine’s Day Fatwa

    by James D. Le Sueur

    Since 1989, February 14 has been a dark anniversary for Salman Rushdie and everyone else who values freedom of expression.