Spiro Agnew

  • There's a Precedent for Trump's Indictment: Spiro Agnew

    by Zach Messitte, Charles Holden and Jerald Podair

    Nixon's VP pioneered the right-wing politics of grievance against coastal elites and higher education familiar today. He also had a tendency to accept bribes that is familiar. But in 1973 the Republican Party was willing to cut him loose. 

  • Secretary Pompeo, Meet Vice President Agnew

    by Charles J. Holden, Zach Messitte, and Jerald Podair

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s expletive-laden dust-up with NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly is on message for the Trump-led Republican Party. Whether he knows it or not, Pompeo is drawing from a playbook written a half century ago. 

  • Trump Falls Under the Shadow of Spiro Agnew

    In the age of Trump, the Agnew case, with its history of lies, greed, kickbacks, and the self-regard of its central actor, might seem the better predictor of what could come next.

  • Channeling Spiro Agnew in the Baltimore riots

    by Charles Holden, Zach Messitte, Jerald Podair

    His reaction to the unfolding situation helped make him a household name and led to a reshaping of American electoral politics.