• Obama, Truman and Hiroshima

    by Wilson D. Miscamble

    There’s zero reason to apologize for the atomic bombing, which forestalled invasion and saved lives.

  • L.B.J. and Truman: The Bond That Helped Forge Medicare

    by Michael Beschloss

    Lyndon B. Johnson was often derided for being egocentric, but when it came time to sign his landmark bill creating Medicare, 50 years ago this July, he graciously insisted on sharing the credit with the 81-year-old Harry Truman.

  • Why Americans Have Been Duped over the Use of the Atomic Bomb

    by Paul Ham

    One day somebody in high office in Washington will have the intellectual honesty to acknowledge, if not apologise for, a grotesque distortion of the truth that the Truman Administration visited on the American people in the pages of Harper’s Magazine in 1947.