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  • Originally published 09/23/2016

    CIA: “Pinochet personally ordered” Letelier bombing

    A CIA special intelligence assessment in 1987 concluded that Chilean General Augusto Pinochet ordered an “act of state terrorism” on the streets of Washington, D.C., that took the lives of former Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier.

  • Originally published 09/06/2016

    The Architectural Politics of Rebuilding Berlin

    Steve Hochstadt

    Discussions about demolition and reconstruction inevitably touched political ideologies of all kinds. Two Berlin sites, one east and one west, show the variety of architectural politics which determined the process of rebuilding.

  • Originally published 10/10/2015

    What the Prostate Gland Can Teach Us About War-Fighting

    (R)evolutionary Biology

    A clue:  The lesson of natural selection is that even mathematically precise systems fall short of perfection. We should keep this in mind as we assess what led to the bombing of a hospital run by Doctors without Borders.