• Is Holocaust Education Making Antisemitism Worse?

    by Dara Horn

    It's becoming clear that more lessons about the Holocaust won't address the problem of antisemitism in contemporary America, because it places both Jews and prejudice against them in another time and place. 

  • The Pope at War: Pius XII and the Vatican's Secret Archives

    by James Thornton Harris

    David Kertzer's book argues that defenders of Pope Pius XII's actions during the Holocaust mistake his defense of the prerogatives of the Catholic Church for a defense of the victims of Nazi persecution and genocide. 

  • Beinart: Antisemitic Zionism Isn't a Contradiction in Terms

    Conservative Zionists have reached accommodated American evangelicals' demands for a Christian-dominated America in exchange for support for a Jewish greater Israel. The media are reluctant to discuss this connection.

  • Which Medieval Jewish Stories Need to Be Told?

    by David M. Perry

    The history of European Jews in the medieval period is unfortunately dominated by discussions of death that make violent antisemitism seem inevitable and inescapable. 

  • Pamela Nadell: US May be at High Tide of Antisemitism

    Antisemitism is less socially acceptable than in Henry Ford's day, but it's become much more acceptable since the rise of Donald Trump. Has America reached a tipping point where conspiracy theories and collective slanders of Jews are mainstreamed? Also feat. Kathleen Belew and Deborah Lipstadt.

  • Blacks and Jews—Again

    by Michael Eric Dyson

    At a moment of rising authoritarianism in America and the world, it is necessary for Black America and American Jews to recognize antisemitism as a species of white supremacy that threatens both groups. 

  • Reports Like Stanford's are Only the First Step for Universities to Rebuild Public Trust

    by Ari Y. Kelman, Emily J. Levine and Mitchell L. Stevens

    The realities of universities' involvement in unsavory aspects of history – like Stanford's revealed institutional antisemitism – contradict the heroic stories that fill campus promotional materials. But universities can't give a suspicious public any further reason to doubt their honesty.