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  • Originally published 11/07/2017

    Anti-Semitism Isn’t Rampant on College Campuses

    Barry Trachtenberg

    Students who engage in speech critical of Israeli policy are largely motivated by their concern for Palestinian human rights. They are not motivated by anti-Semitic hate.

  • Originally published 11/07/2016

    Photo could rewrite history of Nazi 'Broken Glass' pogrom

    Seventy-eight years ago, the Nazis used the murder of a diplomat by a Polish Jew, Herschel Grynszpan, to launch anti-Semitic attacks. A newly uncovered photo suggests that he may have surprisingly survived the Holocaust.

  • Originally published 01/21/2015

    "Jewish Ritual Murder" ... This is on Facebook?

    HNN Editor

    Facebook features a page that claims "Jews admit ritual consumption of Muslim and Christian children's blood to gain success in life." Facebook refuses to take the page down.

  • Originally published 09/02/2014

    “But Is It Good for the Jews?”

    Lawrence Davidson

    If you are over fifty and were raised in a Jewish household, you either heard this question explicitly asked numerous times or were subtly encouraged to think the question to yourself.

  • Originally published 10/28/2013

    Rethinking the JFK Legacy

    Steven M. Gillon

    There is a wide gap between the way historians view JFK and how the public perceives him. Why?

  • Originally published 03/13/2018

    Promise and Flaw in Organized Religion

    Steve Hochstadt

    Last year was the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 1517 proclamation of objections to Catholic Church practices. Luther masterfully used the new technology of printing to spread his ideas. But the religious community he wished to create was welcoming only for those who followed his lead. Luther condemned in the strongest terms anyone who refused to give up their religion for his.

  • Originally published 01/26/2017

    Trump Needs some Sage Rabbinic Advice

    Gil Troy

    These aren't predictions, but caveats for responsible leaders in a treacherous world, during unstable times, facing a boorish president.