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executive orders

  • Originally published 02/19/2015

    The history of executive orders (Video)

    The executive order goes all the way back to Article II of the Constitution and every president has used them. Here's a rundown on the use and history of the executive order.

  • Originally published 08/12/2014

    National monuments, about land or territory?

    Liberty and Power

    The Improved National Monument Designation Process Act (H.R. 1459) passed the House on March 26 by a vote of 222 to 201. It is currently before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. S. 2608's purpose is "to provide for congressional approval of national monuments" and of restrictions on their use. It would limit President Obama's ability to designate national monuments at his own discretion through executive orders.  But why are they trying to limit the president discretion?  What lies at the root of this proposed law?