Malcolm X

  • Could Alex Haley's False Quotation of MLK Have Changed History?

    by Peniel E. Joseph

    By exaggerating the conflict between Martin and Malcolm, Haley helped feed a narrative of the two men's approaches to politics as irreconcilable instead of as facets of a more complex struggle for freedom. It has probably helped to push radical demands for justice to the margins. 

  • Alex Haley Fabricated Quotes Portraying MLK as Implacable Critic of Malcolm X, Biographer Finds

    by Gillian Brockell

    Jonathan Eig tracked down a secretary's transcript of writer Alex Haley's interview with Martin Luther King and found that Haley seriously misrepresented King's response to Malcolm's militant approach to the Black freedom struggle, contributing to longstanding misunderstanding of King's views and relationship to other political factions. 

  • Malcolm X Returns to the Opera Stage

    Anthony Davis's 1985 opera "X" was slow to catch on in the American repertory, a fact that would have been no surprise to its subject. 

  • Did A Black Undercover NYPD Detective Unwittingly Aid Malcolm X’s Assassination?

    A posthumous letter attributed to former NYPD Detective Ray Wood details a sting operation that resulted in the arrest of two of Malcolm X's bodyguards days before his assassination. Debate has raged if the letter is authentic and, if it is, if it reflects NYPD involvement in a conspiracy to kill Malcolm. 

  • Beyond the Myth of Malcolm X (review essay)

    A new biography of Malcolm X sets his political thought in the context of the midcentury Black communities where he lived and how his Black contemporaries saw him. 

  • ‘Ten Days in Harlem’: An Interview with Historian Simon Hall

    An interview with historian Simon Hall examines the links between revolutionary Cuba, anticolonial rebellion, and civil rights militancy in the United States as revealed by Fidel Castro's 10-day visit to Harlem and the United Nations in 1960.

  • Missing Malcolm X Writings, Long a Mystery, Are Sold

    The unpublished material, or at least some of it, has suddenly emerged and was offered for sale at a Manhattan auction house, along with another artifact that scholars have never seen: the manuscript for the published book, which bears dense traces of Mr. Haley’s and Malcolm X’s complex negotiations over the finished text.

  • Excavation of Malcolm X Home Yields Link to Colonial Past

    An excavation on the site of Malcolm X’s boyhood Boston-area home has yielded historical links not to the civil rights activist’s past, but to older periods of history – which could include the Colonial era.

  • Who Killed Malcolm X? And Why?

    by Fatima Begum

    “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost, and as such, I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”