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Stand Your Ground

  • Originally published 09/29/2013

    Review of Reza Aslan's "Zealot"

    Jim Cullen

    A notorious FOX interview can't obscure the value of a book whose utility outstrips its limits.

  • Originally published 07/27/2014

    Flee Rather Than Stand Your Ground

    Liberty and Power

    The Italian Marxist and philosopher Paolo Virno was imprisoned in 1979 for his affiliation with the Red Brigades. The organization attempted to create a revolutionary state through acts of violent destabilization such as bank robbery. While in prison, Virno had a political epiphany which he later expressed as, "Nothing is less passive than the act of fleeing, of exiting." Although little else about Virno may be politically admirable, his strategic insight is intriguing. "Fleeing" as a political act sounds paradoxical to North American ears, which are used to hearing of resistance in terms of "stand your ground" and confrontation. By fleeing, however, Virno means an "engaged withdrawal or exit." Perhaps the best way to understand what Virno means is to consider the problem to which he believed "fleeing" was the best solution.