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  • Originally published 05/31/2017

    Rebuilding Mosul’s Library Book by Book

    A campaign to restore the holdings of the library of the University of Mosul has received an enthusiastic response since it began three months ago.

  • Originally published 10/18/2016

    7 Things to Know about Mosul

    Juan Cole

    The Iraqi government has announced that the campaign to take the large northern city of Mosul back from ISIS. So what is the significance of Mosul as a city?

  • Originally published 12/21/2015

    Now ISIS is destroying gravestones in Mosul

    There are reliable reports that armed groups from ISIS have begun a determined and systematic campaign to destroy all grave stones in all the cemeteries of the city.

  • Originally published 04/03/2015

    Mosul is an Endangered Historic City!

    Ihsan Fethi

    "There are many lessons to be learnt by the world from this new type of conflict where it involves the high jacking of a historic city by terrorists with fierce disregard for history."

  • Originally published 08/25/2014

    The Caliphate Brings Trauma

    Daniel Pipes

    "Declaring the caliphate on June 29 was a major event; and the caliphate is an institution whose time has long passed and, therefore, whose revival bodes much trauma."