• Leadership Battle at Bob Jones U Shows National Crisis for Christian Colleges

    President Steve Pettit, a relative liberalizer of the South Carolina school's strict codes of conduct and conservative sense of mission, is clashing with the chair of the Board of Trustees in a fight that symbolizes the choice between reform and retrenchment that faces many evangelical colleges. 

  • WDJD (What Did Jesus Do)?: Do Evangelicals Care?

    by Adam Jortner

    While American leftists could find much to embrace in the Gospels, the political actions of many white Evangelicals is likely to push them away. Is it too late to reverse the merger of evangelicalism with conservative movement politics? 

  • Trump's Apocalyptic CPAC Speech Aimed Squarely at Southern Evangelicals

    by Thomas Lecaque

    In the past, Evangelicals and other apocalypse-minded constituencies have projected their views onto Donald Trump. Now, Trump seems to be fully embracing the bit, suggesting that violence above and beyond politics will usher in the Kingdom. 

  • Pro-Life and Pro-Gun?

    by Daniel K. Williams

    Gun rights aren't intrinsic to evangelical Christian theology. But they are intrinsic to the individualism through which most white Evangelicals see the world and frame their political identity.

  • What Everyone Gets Wrong about the Evangelical-Abortion Connection

    by Gillian Frank and Neil J. Young

    A widely-accepted narrative holds that conservative Christian leaders pushed their followers to oppose abortion as a galvanizing issue when their first concern, resisting school desegregation, became politically unpopular. This obscures the movement building at the grass roots as Christians considered and debated the issue.

  • Why American Christians "Back the Blue" so Fervently

    by Aaron Griffith

    Evangelicals within police forces and in the public at large have been encouraged to understand a scriptural mandate for police authority that often short-circuits consideration of other Christian obligations for justice, argues a historian of evangelical attitudes to law and order. 

  • The Lesson from Republicans' Embrace of "Classical Education"

    Calls for "transparency" in curriculum are working hand in hand with an agenda to divert public school funding to charter schools using a curriculum steeped in Christian nationalism. But liberals would do well to heed the connection these plans draw between education and citizenship, and parents' desire to connect them more firmly.

  • Why Have No Evangelical Christians Served on Supreme Court?

    Evangelicals are arguably the most politically engaged religious group in America, with strong views on issues before the court. Yet Ketanji Brown Jackson could become the first nondenominational Protestant to sit on the highest court.