• Fake Citations Kill Historian's Career

    Charles Armstrong, Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Studies in the Social Sciences at Columbia University, plagiarized parts of his award-winning book on North Korea.

  • Columbia student goes on racist tirade at fellow students

    A Columbia University student shouted that “white people are the best thing that ever happened to the world” on Sunday evening during a racist tirade in front of students of color, who caught the rant on video.

  • The Father of Modern Libraries Was a Serial Sexual Harasser

    Melvil Dewey is remembered today as an innovator who ushered American librarianship into the modern age, but his pattern of sexual harassment was so egregious that women dared to speak out against it, at a time when women were harshly judged for reporting sexual harassment.

  • Columbia Unearths Its Ties to Slavery

    “People still associate slavery with the South, but it was also a Northern phenomenon,” Eric Foner, the Columbia historian who wrote the report, said in an interview.

  • Columbia’s Mark Lilla Strikes Again

    by John Fea

    In an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Ed he says:  "Diversity as a social goal and aim of social reform is an excellent thing. But identity politics today isn’t about group belonging; it’s about personal identity."

  • NASA Displays Challenger and Columbia Wreckage

    This summer, pieces of the wreckage as well as personal effects of the 14 astronauts killed aboard the two doomed shuttles are on display for the first time, as part of a new permanent memorial at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.