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  • Originally published 04/06/2015

    The first gay sit-in happened 50 years ago

    Marc Stein

    Fifty years ago, three teen-agers in Philadelphia took an extraordinary step by refusing to take a step. Their sit-in began on Sunday, April 25, 1965, at Dewey's restaurant near Rittenhouse Square 

  • Originally published 03/30/2015

    Here's a look at history of 'religious freedom' laws

    Citing the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case, Pence said Indiana needs its own version of the federal law to "ensure that religious liberty is fully protected under Indiana law."

  • Originally published 06/20/2014

    Hillary Comes out of the Closet

    Rachel Hope Cleves

    The closet has long been a comfortable position for those willing to tolerate, but not endorse, same-sex marriage.