New Orleans

  • Hurricane Ida Shows the Climate Dystopia Ahead for All of Us

    by Andy Horowitz

    "Structural problems need structural solutions. Don’t give charity to Louisiana because it’s unique. Demand that Congress take meaningful action, because Louisiana is not unique, and you may be next."

  • Mardi Gras is a Critical American Tradition — Even Without Parades

    by Olivia Durand

    Mardi Gras rituals and public celebration have reflected the efforts of some white New Orleanians to establish and preserve white supremacy and the efforts of Black and Creole residents to express demands for freedom; the festivities are not just a party but "the active performance of what American society cares about."

  • With Mardi Gras Parades Canceled, Floats Find a New Home

    In a development unseen since the city's Mardi Gras begain in 1857, New Orleans residents under COVID lockdown are turning their houses into parade floats, an informal support program for artists missing the yearly boost the parade season brings. 

  • How the New Orleans Streetcar Revival Left Bus Riders Behind

    A number of historical dynamics, including racial segregation and the growth of a tourist economy, account for decisions in the Crescent City that have refurbished a fraction of the old streetcar system at high cost while ignoring the health of bus systems that poor and working residents depend on, says NOLA transit historian Kevin McQueeney. 

  • Only Accountability Will Allow the U.S. to Move Forward

    by Mitch Landrieu

    Full accountability for the Capitol Riot is essential lest white supremacists and other extremists take the lesson that their actions are accepted and permitted. The white supremacist massacres of the post-Reconstruction period show that moving on without accountability is impossible. 

  • Why Hurricane Katrina Was Not a Natural Disaster

    by Nicholas Lemann

    Fifteen years ago, New Orleans was nearly destroyed. A new book by Tulane historian Andy Horowitz suggests that the cause was decades of bad policy—and that nothing has changed.

  • Unions Are Essential for Eliminating Racism

    A new study finds that unions don't just increase wages and benefits for workers on the job — union membership is also linked to diminished racist attitudes among white workers. If we want to defeat racism, building strong, democratic unions is essential.

  • What Was Saved

    Sarah Broom's memoir "The Yellow House" reconstructs not only her family’s history in New Orleans but also that larger arc of the black experience in the United States.

  • "A Terrible Price": The Deadly Racial Disparities of COVID-19 in America

    New Orleans's famed Krewe of Zulu celebrated Mardi Gras as federal and state health officials proclaimed low risk for Coronavirus. In two months, 30 members would have COVID-19 and eight would be dead, illustrating dire and longstanding racial disparities in health in America.

  • New Orleans publicly unveiling slave market tour app

    In announcing the app at a news conference, African-American Mayor LaToya Cantrell said the New Orleans Slave Trade Marker and App Project "will let us honor the lives and dignity of those ancestors who were undoubtedly bought and sold here."