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  • Originally published 07/05/2018

    Tom Nichols Vents Again

    Tom Nichols

    His target:  People who complain that rich snooty guys in suits are to blame for the resurgence of populism.

  • Originally published 01/22/2018

    Corey Robin’s “The Reactionary Mind” helps explain Trumpism

    Lily Geismer

    The book argues that the right has increasingly come to understand that in order to defend the old regime and preserve the power of elites they have to build alliances with the masses, and practice a form of “upside-down populism.”

  • Originally published 11/14/2017

    After Trump

    Frank Rich

    Liberals ecstatic over this month’s election must not forget: Even after this demagogue is finished, a new one will rise in his place.

  • Originally published 02/16/2017

    Is Trump a Populist?

    Finbarr Curtis

    How he compares with William Jennings Bryan, the Populist’s populist, in many contemporaries'' opinion.

  • Originally published 01/09/2017

    What exactly is populism?

    Timothy Garton Ash

    In a long article in the NYRB about Europe’s political problems, Timothy Garton Ash says it’s real and here’s how to define it.

  • Originally published 06/30/2016

    It’s Time to Cultivate a New Grand Narrative

    Harvey J. Kaye

    Americans, especially young people, are rejecting the narratives of both the Republican and Democratic establishments – narratives that have bolstered corporate ambitions.

  • Originally published 09/22/2014

    Why populism and parties terrified George Washington

    Alan Pell Crawford

    James Madison called it “perhaps the greatest error” of George Washington’s “political life.” That he committed so few makes Washington’s speech of November 19, 1794, memorable in itself.

  • Originally published 03/20/2018

    Who Are The People?

    Steve Hochstadt

    Under the guise of “populism”, conservatives seem to attack “elites” from below, but actually focus on attacking social groups regarded as different from above. In Trump’s America and in many European countries, right-wing political formations of white Christians attack immigrants, those with darker skin, Muslims and sometimes Jews as not belonging to “the people”.