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  • Originally published 12/07/2014

    The Real Reason Richer People Marry

    Andrew Cherlin

    Social class differences in marriage have been tied to the extent of income inequality among white Americans for at least 130 years.

  • Originally published 01/07/2014

    Divorce Recession Drop Rebound

    Philip N. Cohen

    After bottoming out in the aftermath of the 2008 recession, divorces are on the uptick again.

  • Originally published 08/12/2014

    The Economics of Marriage and Divorce: Those who get hitched are more likely to get rich

    Liberty and Power

    Why are married people richer and divorced people poorer?    Two factors contribute heavily to the financial decline surrounding divorce: losing the inherent wealth-creation aspects of marriage, and State-imposed costs such as alimony and “the divorce industry.”  It is therefore not surprising to find out that it is government's control over marriage that is the culprit.