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American Studies Association

  • Originally published 10/14/2015

    American Studies leader sorry for press release

    David Roediger, president of the American Studies Association, sent an email to members apologizing for a press release that suggested he and the ASA back Obama’s police reforms

  • Originally published 12/30/2013

    Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is ASA

    Alan Luxenberg

    The vote by the 5,000-member American Studies Association to support the academic boycott of Israel, reportedly by a 2-1 margin, has evoked many responses, but none so far has identified the irony at the core of the matter.

  • Originally published 12/20/2013

    The Shame of the American Studies Association

    Gary Kulik

    Long a haven for political posturing rather than serious scholarship, the American Studies Association finally goes too far by jumping into bed with the BDS movement.