• Black Women's Activism Ties Reproductive Rights to Broader Goals of Freedom

    by Kim Gallon

    Black women's reproductive lives have always been complicated by institutional racism, sexism, and the balance of personal autonomy and racial solidarity. Black feminists have struggled to use the African American press as a space to force discussion of the issues. 

  • Criminalizing Abortion Will Tear Families Apart

    There are relatively few Americans living today whose parents were harassed or jailed for performing illegal abortions. Their stories should inform the debate today. 

  • Safe Haven "Baby Boxes" are a Medieval Horror

    by Maria Laurino

    "As generations of twentieth-century Italian mothers and their children can attest, giving a woman no choice but to anonymously surrender her baby is a route to ruined lives."

  • "Phantom Catholic Threats" Haunt Ireland's National Maternity Hospital

    by Máiréad Enright

    Secular Irish health advocates fear that a partnership between the state and religious charities to operate the national maternity hospital will impose limits on care, including abortion access. Is this justified or a case of finding "nuns under the bed"? 

  • What Happens When SCOTUS is This Unpopular?

    It's not unprecedented for Justices to shift their positions when confronted with public outrage, but five of the current members of the court have explicitly declared their indifference to public outcry, and understand there's little to constrain their future decisions. 

  • Barbara Smith on Reproductive Freedom Organizing

    by Joseph R. Fitzgerald

    As an activist with the Combahee River Collective and after, Barbara Smith helped define the attention to the relationships among racism, sexism and social class associated with the term "intersectionality." Here, she discusses the past and future of reproductive justice with her biographer.  

  • Black Women's Expansive Vision of Reproductive Freedom

    by Ashley Farmer

    The history of radical Black women activists offers a model for fighting not just for legal abortion, but to create a world in which women would be truly free to have or not have children without constraint by law, poverty, or lack of access to information. 

  • The Coming Pregnancy Surveillance State Will Bring "Homeland Security" to Women's Bodies

    by Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz

    The Dobbs ruling puts longstanding racist and nationalist beliefs that white women's reproductive labor is the price of their citizenship, and punitive controls on women of color, on collision course with the modern capacity of digital surveillance, threatening the criminalization of any miscarried pregnancy. 

  • Early America's Complicated Relationship with Abortion Access

    The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade relied heavily on the argument that, in Justice Samuel Alito’s words, “a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation’s history and traditions.” Paul Solman takes a look at that history, as part of our continuing coverage of America after Roe.

  • SCOTUS Hasn't Always Been the Final Arbiter; Liberals Should Stop Thinking it Is

    by Joseph Fishkin and William E. Forbath

    "Liberals drew the wrong lessons from the mid-20th century federal judiciary’s fleeting embrace of social reform, and forgot that over the long arc of U.S. history, the minority rights the court has most consistently safeguarded have been those of the wealthy and powerful, the corporate, landed and enslaver elites."