• Are the Millennials Secretly Prosperous?

    Writer Jean Twenge says that by comparison to Boomers and Gen Xers at the same stage of life, Millennials aren't doing as badly as believed, though patterns of family formation and childbirth seem to be undergoing a permanent shift. 

  • What's Causing a Half Century of "Black Flight"?

    Despite political rhetoric from some quarters, suburbanization has been undermining the association of Black America with central cities – in large part because of the disinvestment and abandonment of urban communities. 

  • The 1950 Census was a Last-of-its-Kind Treasure Trove of Information

    by Dan Bouk

    "As we celebrate the release of the 1950 Census records, it is an opportune moment to think again about the role the census has played — and may still play — in preserving the nation’s past by preserving a substantial accounting of each of us."

  • Scrapping the Color Code: A Post-Racial America is Inevitable

    by Jim Sleeper

    The 2020 Census is showing that whiteness is no longer the civic and cultural norm, but also that bureacratic color-coding can't support a version of civic Americanism that can stand up to a growing white backlash.