academic freedom

  • At UNC, New Provost Hire Raises Concerns of Political Influence

    Associate Professor of History William Sturkey worries that ideology may matter more than experience in hiring key administrators at Chapel Hill, and says many faculty are concerned about the growing role of politics in running the campus. 

  • Scope, Speed of Educational Gag Order Laws Increasing Nationwide

    by Jeffrey Sachs

    Under the South Carolina bill, racism, fascism, and homophobia can all be understood as cultural or political beliefs. Educators would be prohibited from describing those who hold such beliefs as bigoted or oppressive. 

  • Can Universities Counter the Global Tide of Nationalism?

    by Emily J. Levine

    Nationalism and a growing rivalry with China have pushed some politicians to reconsider the openness of American universities to foreign students. The history of academic exchange suggests this may be a mistake. 

  • Academic Gag Orders

    The PEN Foundation provides an overview of state laws regulating the content of school curriculum and concludes that they "not only pose a risk to the U.S. education system but also threaten to silence vital societal discourse on racism and sexism."