academic freedom

  • College Faculty: After K-12, Curriculum Laws are Coming For You

    by James Grossman and Jeremy C. Young

    State colleges involved with concurrent enrollment programs that allow high school students to take classes for credit are already susceptible to laws purporting to fight "indoctrination" in the secondary school curriculum. More intrusions on academic freedom are coming. 

  • Hamline Controversy Shows How Religion and Neoliberal Administration Converge to Reject Expertise

    by Alexander Jabbari

    An instructive contrast can be drawn from a 1997 controversy over a frieze depicting Muhammad on the wall of the United States Supreme Court. Since then, post-9/11 Islamophobia, a culture of deliberate trolling under the banner of free speech, and the rise of corporate-style university management have drained the capacity for nuance.

  • Blasphemy Is Not a DEI Issue

    by Joan W. Scott

    Hamline has mistaken the vital imperative of care and respect toward members of minority communities on campus with capitulation to religious censorship, which a university cannot abide. 

  • The Hamline Fiasco is no Isolated Incident

    by David M. Perry

    The key issues at stake in the dismissal of an adjunct art history professor for showing a reverential image of the Prophet Muhammad aren't about campus culture or religious freedom. They're about administrative power and labor relations in modern academia. 

  • Most of All, Hamline's Decision Offends Me as a Muslim

    by Amna Khalid

    Hamline University, in firing an art history instructor for showing an image of the Prophet Muhammad (with a content warning, in an optional exercise), has not only exemplified how risk-averse bureaucracies use inclusive language to dismiss faculty expertise, it also insulted Muslims by associating a vast and diverse set of cultures with fundamentalist theology. 

  • Can FIRE's Free Expression Crusade Work Off Campus?

    The organization is pursuing a rebranding as an advocate for free expression off-campus. Supporters cheer its pledge to support free debate; detractors argue the group is advancing conservative complaints about "wokeness." 

  • Who Controls the Curriculum in Florida?

    by Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn

    A federal court's ruling that Florida can't enforce it's "Stop WOKE" Act is a win for academic freedom, but not a total victory. Faculty must reassert the prerogative of setting curricular guidelines against administrators who see their role as serving the state.