academic freedom

  • Collin College Prof Fired over Speech Lands at SMU

    Michael Phillips will join the Clements Center for Southwest Studies at SMU after his firing from Collin College over social media criticism of Confederate statues and other aspects of racism. 

  • The Far Right is Coming for Colleges

    by Kathryn Gin Lum

    Under the banner of "classical education" and civics, the far right is funding a growing number of academic centers to advance conservative views. Historians Michael Butler, Nancy MacLean and Bethany Moreton comment. 

  • What We Must Learn from the Boise State Hoax

    by John K. Wilson

    Boise State suspended multiple sections of a core course affecting nearly 1,300 students based on a lie told by a state legislator about the alleged mistreatment of a conservative student by fellow students and a professor; expect more of these attacks on higher education funding.

  • The Decline of Tenure is the Greatest Threat to Higher Education

    by Marc Stein

    While states like Texas threaten tenure politically, in California the instititution is under attack by austerity and attrition; either way, higher education itself is threatened by the abandonment of employment security. 

  • Dan Patrick's Illiberal Attack on Higher Ed

    by Jonathan Marks

    There are good conservative arguments for abolishing faculty tenure; Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick isn't advancing one of them as he seeks to punish political opponents for their ideas.

  • Nationwide, Faculty Fight for Academic Freedom

    by Ellen Schrecker

    "When they act collectively, professors have the power to protect academic freedom and the desire to teach the truth. Let us hope they also have the will."

  • Faculty Facing Targeted Harassment on Campus

    Recent reporting from the American Association of University Professors has traced an uptick in the targeted harassment of faculty members, most often those accused of having a liberal bias and of teaching “controversial” topics. Melissa Harris-Perry talks with faculty who have experienced it. 

  • Russian Academics See "No Future" at Home

    While many Western academics have focused on the danger faced by Ukrainian scholars, it is clear that the domestic politics of Russia are increasingly dangerous for academic freedom as well. 

  • When University Marketing Suppresses Academic Freedom

    by Silke-Maria Weineck

    For 31 years, the University of Michigan has sponsored an academic freedom lecture named for three professors suspended for refusing to cooperate with HUAC. This year, its marketing team did everything it could to conceal the identity of the lecturer: a lawyer who fights the silencing of pro-Palestinian activists.

  • Florida Legislature Seeks Conservative Stamp on Higher Ed

    "National higher-education experts and faculty members in Florida say the legislation is part of an attack on bedrock principles that preserve the academic autonomy of faculty members and institutions."