• Will the Republican's Tilt Toward Isolationism End?

    by Waller R. Newell

    The Republican Party's fracturing between the remaining neocons and a younger group of isolationists comes at a critical moment when Russia is testing the possible limits on its expansive ambitions. 

  • You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand it To America Firsters

    by Eric Rauchway

    Critics of American aid to Ukraine have misconstrued the history of FDR's "Lend-Lease" aid to Britain and the USSR as a factor that pushed the world into total war. It's worth considering the political affiliations of people who made that argument in 1941. 

  • The Long History of American Isolationism

    by Lindsay Chervinsky

    Since the days of George Washington, the imperatives of American economic development and hegemony over the western hemisphere, and the desire to avoid European wars, have been in tension. 

  • Who's Afraid of Isolationism?

    by Stephen Wertheim

    It's past time for "isolationism" to stop being a dirty word in discussing America's relationship to the world. The use of the term as a pejorative has justified too many ill-considered military interventions.

  • A Brief History of the "Isolationist" Strawman

    by Brandan P. Buck

    As the United States enters another round of agonizing soul searching after another lost war, Americans should learn the fraught political history of the "isolationist" label.

  • What the "Primacy" Debate in Foreign Policy Gets Wrong

    by Ken Weisbrode

    Yes, let’s end “endless wars” and enhance peaceable diplomacy around the world. But let us not at the same time renounce by redefinition America’s international responsibilities and its capacity for wise, moral leadership.