• "Rainbow Fentanyl" Just the Latest Halloween Moral Panic

    by Joel Best

    From razor blades to opioids, the author has researched every Halloween panic since the 1950s and found no evidence of any child being harmed by any of them. Today, politicians are feeding equally ludicrous narratives to keep people scared. 

  • The Ghosts of Founders Past

    by Jason Pack

    Halloween held a ghoulish surprise for American President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. As a result of their hubris, they were both forced to watch their longstanding dreams of unbridled executive authority die in the ditch of rule of law.

  • Recalling Purple Hands protests of 1969 on Halloween

    by Marc Stein

    Halloween has long been one of the queerest of holidays, but on October 31, 1969, San Francisco LGBT activists found new ways to confront their terrifying fears of media misrepresentations and police violence.