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Columbus Day

  • Originally published 02/20/2018

    Columbus Day

    HNN's full coverage of Columbus Day, Indigenous People's Day

  • Originally published 10/05/2017

    As Confederate statues come down, what about Columbus?

    While historians caution against lumping in Columbus with Confederates who came three centuries later, they say Columbus’ holiday and monuments remain ripe for reassessment — whether they stay, change or vanish entirely.

  • Originally published 10/11/2016

    The war against Columbus Day

    A growing number of communities are now ditching the traditional Columbus Day holiday in favor of Indigenous People’s Day.

  • Originally published 10/07/2016

    Perils of Indigenous People’s Day

    Jonathan Zimmerman

    Students often think Native Americans are all dead.  Why? Teachers only teach what happened to them as victims from long ago.  

  • Originally published 09/26/2016

    Is Columbus Day Going Extinct?

    Colleges, cities, small towns, and even states are changing the name of the controversial holiday, and if the trend continues it may be gone completely.

  • Originally published 10/16/2013

    Curiosity Set Sail with Columbus

    Joyce Appleby

    Columbus's discoveries pried loose European curiosity from the vise put in place by the medieval church.

  • Originally published 10/11/2013

    The True Value of Columbus's Voyages

    Joyce Appleby

    Columbus may have left a contentious legacy, but there's no denying his voyages expanded the boundaries of European knowledge.