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Agent Orange

  • Originally published 03/03/2015

    The Lethal Legacy of the Vietnam War

    Fifty years after the first US troops came ashore at Da Nang, the Vietnamese are still coping with unexploded bombs and Agent Orange.

  • Originally published 10/02/2013

    Collateral Damage -- Agent Orange on Okinawa

    Jon Mitchell

    Recently-unearthed barrels lift the lid on one of the Pentagon’s best-kept Vietnam War secrets -- the storage of military defoliants in Japan.

  • Originally published 08/12/2014

    I Can't Help if I'm a Libertarian

    Liberty and Power

    It’s not easy being a libertarian. I am not looking for sympathy when I say that. I just mean to point out that rejecting the conventional wisdom on virtually (do I really need this adverb?) every political question, current and historical, can be wearying. Life could be so much simpler if it were otherwise. No doubt about that. I really don’t like conflict, especially when it can quickly turn personal, as it so often does. (I embrace the advice that one can disagree without being disagreeable.) But for a libertarian, disagreement with most people is not an option. We can’t help it.