political parties

  • What Are Parties For?

    by Jan-Werner Müller

    The Republican Party has outsourced the work of policymaking to a handful of billionaire-funded think tanks, leading to an incoherent platform of plutocratic populism and a party structure that cannot debate and advance new ideas, says a top scholar of comparative politics. 

  • How the Black Vote Became a Monolith

    by Theodore R. Johnson

    Despite the political diversity within Black America, the political system's accommodation of bigotry and the political utility of appeals to white identity have pushed the overwhelming majority of Black voters to cast ballots for the same party. 

  • A Plea for Political Moderation

    by Vaughn Davis Bornet

    Moderates are a depressingly vanishing breed... and in the absence of moderates, extremism, anger, and shrillness rule the day.