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12 Years a Slave

  • Originally published 11/06/2013

    The Passion of Solomon Northrup

    Eric Herschthal

    If the film is “true” to anything in the book, it should be true to Northup’s voice, not his facts; that voice is what makes “12 Years a Slave” so enduring.

  • Originally published 02/20/2018

    President Trump Versus Trump Voters

    Steve Hochstadt

    Will Trump’s so-called “base” ever wake up? Does he have to shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue before his supporters recognize who he is? Or was he right that even that won’t hurt him?

  • Originally published 12/23/2016

    "It Can't Happen Here, Can It?" Will Trump and Climate Deniers Purge American Science and Technology?

    Infinity, Limited

    Is the incoming Trump administration planning a purge of government climate science research and researchers?  If historical cases such as Soviet persecution and McCarthyism offer any precedent, such a purge will prove destructive to both careers and the national interests of the United States – and give other countries the opportunity to hire top-quality American researchers.  

  • Originally published 06/17/2016

    Technology and Politics: Neither good, nor bad, nor neutral

    Infinity, Limited

    The Economist aptly applied “Technology is neither good, nor bad, nor neutral,” Mel Kranzberg’s first law of the history of technology, to its recent discussion of technology and politics.  While the revolutionary power of digital data and social media are great, possibly greater are the opportunities for repressive states to observe dissidents, attack opponents, manipulate public perceptions, and even create alternate realities to stay in power.  Such efforts have a long history, but the digital politics offers much greater potential and peril.

  • Originally published 07/16/2015

    The Myth of Liberal Media

    Steve Hochstadt

    One of the most significant political myths is about the “liberal media”, the supposed tilt of American public media to the left. This claim by Republicans is nearly as old as I am. It was false when it began, and it still is, although less so.

  • Originally published 06/24/2014

    My REASON review on the Panic of 1837

    Liberty and Power

    My review of Jessica Lepler'sThe Many Panics of 1837: People, Politics, and the Creation of a Transatlantic Financial Crisis appears in the July issue of Reason. It has now been posted online.