Alexander Hamilton

  • Hamilton, Hip-Hop, and the Law (Review)

    by Stephen Rohde

    Lisa Tucker's edited volume of essays uses the musical "Hamilton" as a lens on several significant legal issues ranging from originalism to employment discrimination. 

  • "Hamilton" and Politics Today

    by Donald J. Fraser

    The phenomenally successful "Hamilton" takes some liberties with its subject, but it still offers some valuable perspective on our politics today. 

  • Would the Founders Convict Trump and Bar Him From Office?

    by Eli Merritt

    "Today’s Republican senators must at least be willing to break with their party and disappoint some of their constituents — and, yes, perhaps lose their jobs in coming elections — to serve the larger interest of protecting the nation."

  • New Research Suggests Alexander Hamilton Was a Slave Owner

    A recent paper by a researcher at th Schuyler Mansion looks into Alexander Hamilton's papers to argue that is reputation as an abolitionist is undeserved; he had personal dealings in purchasing enslaved laborers for his household. 

  • Alexander Hamilton, Enslaver? New Research Says Yes

    A paper by a researcher at the Schuyler Mansion finds overlooked evidence in letters and Hamilton’s own account books indicating that he bought, sold and personally owned slaves.  

  • The Electoral Punt

    by Jonathan Wilson

    Many people imagine they understand the Framers' intent in creating the Electoral College. They impute more clarity of purpose than they should to a group who essentially made a slapdash compromise in order to be finished with the ordeal of drafting the Constitution. 

  • "Hamilton" as a Meditation on History and Memory

    by Bennett Parten

    In a moment in which Confederate monuments are finally coming down and we are re-thinking how we tell our history, Hamilton is a sign of hope. It’s a sign that while history is something we can never resign from, we can always enter the narrative and, like Eliza, construct a history of our own. 

  • The Paradox of Executive Underreach

    by Michael A. Genovese

    While the Constitution says more about limiting the overreach of the executive branch, functioning government must beware of an underreaching executive that abdicates responsibility. 

  • Hamilton And The Unsung Labors Of Wives

    by Jennifer Forestal and Menaka Philips

    Women, and particularly wives like Eliza Hamilton, have been essential to our political and intellectual histories; it’s long past time we tell their stories.