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  • Originally published 09/24/2013

    Is Obama Like Ike?

    Michael Doran

    If Obama were truly like Ike in foreign policy...

  • Originally published 06/24/2014

    Confessions of a reformed activist

    Liberty and Power

    When advising politically-inclined students – and working at a DC based academic research institute and Public Policy department ensures I have many of these – I often counsel them to eschew electoral politics entirely, to  approach policy careers with managed and severely constrained expectations about the results they can expect to achieve, and to generally shed the instinctual habits of activism. To the politically enthused and – more so – the idealist who seeks to better the world in which he or she lives, this message is both exceedingly difficult to receive and counter-intuitive to almost everything they've been brought up to believe about democracy, participatory government, and attaining social change.