World War I

  • The Hidden History of the First Black Women to Serve in the U.S. Navy

    The first cohort of Black women to serve in the US Navy were enlisted as reservists to fill shortages in the service's clerical workforce. At the time, the nation's climate of racism forced them to keep a low profile. A researcher compiling a book about the "Golden Fourteen" mined family history to learn about their service. 

  • The Forgotten Story of Christmas 1918

    by Mary Elisabeth Cox

    We remember the 1914 Christmas Truce as a moment of humanity amid war. Four years later, a darker tale unfolded.

  • The World War I Battle That Didn't End with Armistice Day: Hunger

    by William Lambers

    Even after the Armistice of November 11, 1918 ending World War One, American soldiers were carrying out heroic missions. Lieutenant Orville C. Bell and officers in the American Relief Administration saved civilians in Montenegro from starvation.