• In Memphis, Tyre Nichols's Killing Echoes 1866 Massacre

    by Isaiah Stafford and Kathy Roberts Forde

    In the aftermath of the Civil War, Memphis was a city in political upheaval in which policing became a method of reasserting white supremacy. 

  • Understanding Latino White Supremacy

    by Geraldo Cadava

    "In fact, Latino white supremacy isn’t an oxymoron, and carrying out a premeditated mass shooting in the United States is one of the more American things a Latino could do."

  • Violence and the Unmaking of Asian-American Exceptionalism

    by Gaiutra Bahadur

    A series of violent anti-Asian attacks in the author's community during the 1990s underscores the debt Asian Americans owe to the African American movements for emancipation and civil rights, and the need for cross-racial solidarity in the face of racist oppression. 

  • The Jim Crow Reign of Terror

    by Eric Foner

    While the scope and horror of lynching has recently become acknowleged and memorialized, there is a parallel and more pervasive history, which Margaret Burhnam investigates, of racist terror carried out under color of law. 

  • Welcome to the Predator State

    by Michael Gould-Wartofsky

    The rise of paramilitary police tactical teams heralds the arrival of a moment when policing drops the pretense of serving and protecting a community and embraces war footing. 

  • How Israel Lost its Way

    by Alon Ben-Meir

    After Israel has raised several generations as warriors and occupiers, has the nation lost sight of the toll on its own youth and the consequences for peace? 

  • Trauma of Tyre Nichols's Killing Echoes in Many Places

    by Michael Honey

    A police killing in Tacoma prompts a historian to reflect on the radical traditions of nonviolent resistance led by Martin Luther King, and the need for hopefulness in struggle. 

  • Femicides are Increasing in America; History Says we Shouldn't be Surprised

    by Kimberly A. Hamlin

    The term "femicide" is rarely used to describe the killing of women by men (often intimate partners), but it's an apt description for the way that gendered and sexual violence have been part of the fabric of the nation's history and constitute a systemic, not a personal, danger to women.

  • After Bruen: One Nation, Under Guns

    by Ryan Busse

    "As bad as America’s gun-violence problem is, it could be about to get much worse," says former gun industry insider turned whistleblower. The selective reading of the historical record advanced by Justice Thomas's opinion would force judges to play historian to decide cases, destabilizing gun law in many ways. 

  • The Orwellian Rise of "Suicide by Cop"

    "Suicide by Cop" emerged as a descriptive phrase in the context of a crackdown on crime and an abandonment of police accountability, making a large portion of killings by officers seem natural and unavoidable. 

  • It's Time to Be Honest About the Partisan Nature of Gun Culture

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    "The national free-for-all in which we have 120 guns for every 100 people... is deeply tied to the political ideology of today’s Republican Party. It comes from the rise of Movement Conservatism under Ronald Reagan."

  • Reactionary Media are Fueling Anti-LGBTQ Violence

    by Ben Miller

    When the media give a platform to the idea that trans people living in public inherently encourages sexual abuse, violence aimed at removing them from the public will follow. The media need to take responsibility for Colorado Springs and call out icitement to violence. 

  • New Evidence about Texas's Porvenir Massacre

    Texas Rangers orchestrated the killing of 15 unarmed Mexican men and boys in a Texas border town in 1918. Monica Muñoz Martinez describes this as part of a pattern of state-sanctioned racist violence in the state, which her organization Refusing to Forget is working to commemorate.