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  • Originally published 09/25/2013

    Surveillance and the FISA Court

    Bruce Ackerman

    Proposed reforms, such as making public all opinions on important legal issues and creating a civil liberties advocate, would help.

  • Originally published 07/30/2013

    Obama's Lost War on Drugs

    Jeremy Kuzmarov

    Rather than relying on our hopeless forty-fourth president and an even more hopeless Republican-controlled Congress, citizen groups need to mobilize together to oppose the waste of their hard earned taxpayer dollars in the War on Drugs. 

  • Originally published 06/28/2014

    A Federal Schizophrenia About Marijuana

    Liberty and Power

    There is supposed to be bipartisan support for amending the federal criminal code so that tens of thousands of non-violent criminals do not rot in prison at taxpayers' expense. Among the "criminals" often mentioned are those convicted of possessing or selling marijuana, which is widely viewed as less harmful than legal substances such as alcohol or tobacco. Is the Obama administration sincere in its stated intention to ease draconian drug sentences? Or is the rhetoric just that?