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  • Originally published 06/17/2014

    Baseball’s Cooperstown Myth

    Christopher Klein

    In reality the shrine to baseball’s gods was built on top of an elaborate creation myth.

  • Originally published 01/22/2013

    At memorial, former players urge Marvin Miller be put in baseball Hall of Fame

    NEW YORK — Baseball players urged that Marvin Miller be put in the Hall of Fame as they spoke Monday night during a memorial for the union leader.In an auditorium filled with Hall of Famers, dozens of retired and current players, baseball officials, agents and labor lawyers, 13 speakers praised the former baseball union head, who helped players gain free agency in the 1970s and created the path to multimillion-dollar salaries. Miller died in November at 95.“It is a travesty he is not in the Hall of Fame,” former major league player and manager Buck Martinez said during the two-hour program....