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Gordon Gee

  • Originally published 06/16/2013

    Loose Lips Don't Always Sink College Presidencies

    Howard P. Segal

    Gordon Gee and Dale Lick. Credit: OSU/U.Maine/HNN staff.Cross-posted from the Bangor Daily News.As has been widely reported in recent days, the president of mammoth Ohio State University, Gordon Gee, has been forced to resign his position because of comments he made “off the record” back in December  that were only recently reported by the Associated Press. Speaking about why Notre Dame University not been invited to join the Big Ten Conference (now consisting, of course, of ever more than ten schools), Gee lamented that “you just can’t trust those damned Catholics” to do whatever was needed to join. Gee also criticized the University of Louisville as an allegedly inferior academic institution.