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Suzy Snyder

  • Originally published 06/10/2013

    Suzy Snyder: Holocaust Artifacts Bear Witness

    Suzy Snyder is curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She joins Pamela Brown on CNN "Sunday Morning" at 7:15 a.m. to talk about the museum's 20th Anniversary National Tour and the challenge to collect artifacts before time runs out.The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's ability to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to future generations relies on its collections. The museum has been on a 20th anniversary four-city tour to engage the public and gather artifacts that tell survivors' stories in vivid, lasting and personal ways.The museum held a historic gathering of Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans in Washington for a national marking of its 20th anniversary.The road trip started in Boca Raton, Florida, and continued in Los Angeles and New York. Now we're in Chicago, where Sunday, June 9, the museum will hold a daylong public event with many opportunities to engage with museum resources, people, and programs, and pay tribute to local Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans....