Eisenhower Memorial

  • Eisenhower Memorial, Delayed by Design Disputes, Opens This Week

    The opening of the Eisenhower monument in 2020 may make many mindful of the contrast between Ike and the current head of the Republican Party, although the memorial's design has already sparked a bitter battle that fits the temper of our times. 

  • Galambos, Striner, and van Ee recommend Ike quotes for memorial

    WASHINGTON — Three historians are recommending the use of passages from key speeches by President Dwight D. Eisenhower — including his message to troops during the D-Day invasion — to help represent the 34th president in a planned memorial in the nation’s capital.On Wednesday night, the Eisenhower Memorial Commission hosted a public forum on which of Ike’s words should be included in the memorial planned for a site near the National Mall. The design of the planned memorial has been hotly debated.Professor Louis Galambos of Johns Hopkins University, Professor Richard Striner of Washington College in Maryland and former Library of Congress historian Daun van Ee studied Eisenhower’s speeches to recommend six for consideration. Two are from Eisenhower’s tenure as World War II general and four come from his presidency....