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Dominique Venner

  • Originally published 05/23/2013

    Topless protest at church after historian's suicide

    A Femen activist protested in Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral on Wednesday, one day after far-right historian Dominique Venner committed suicide inside. Venner shot himself at the altar in front of around 1,500 visitors.Venner condemned both same-sex marriage and Islamist influence in France in writings before his death.The now infamous topless protesters released the following statement along with photographs:"Just right now FEMEN's angel of Death held a mono-protest on the altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the same place of yesterday's suicide of fascist activist....

  • Originally published 05/21/2013

    Far-right historian commits suicide In Notre Dame cathedral

    Dominique Venner, a well-known French historian who embraced and wrote about ultra-conservative causes for decades, committed suicide today in front of the alter at Notre Dame Cathedral. He had left a post on his blog decrying the legalization of same sex marriage in France. "An infamous law ... can always be repealed," he wrote. "It will require new, spectacular and symbolic actions to rouse people from their complacency."...