foreign policy

  • Understanding Colombia's Truth Commission Report after 60 Years of Civil Conflict

    by Rachel Nolan

    Colombia's armed conflict between government forces, leftist rebels, and paramilitary death squads is the world's longest continuous conflict. The nation's massive Truth Commission report undermines decades of official government narrative about the apportionment of blame for atrocities. 

  • How Ideology Shapes America's View on the World

    Christopher McKnight Nichols, Raymond Haberski, Jr., and Emily Conroy-Krutz join host Jeremi Suri of the University of Texas, Austin to discuss what ideology is, and explore the ways in which it has shaped, and continues to shape, America’s role in the world.

  • Is Biden Prepared to Adopt a Truly Progressive Foreign Policy?

    by Leon Fink

    Protecting the so-called Liberal World Order these days puts great emphasis on preserving “order” but very little on what “liberal” can or should mean. The administration risks fumbling an opportunity to connect with new foreign leadership on labor, environment, immigration, and other issues beyond security and the drug war.

  • The Rising "Pink Tide" in Latin America Shows the Need for US Policy to Adapt

    by Aileen T. Teague

    Colombia has historically been a conservative firewall in Latin America, anchoring American policy on the hemispheric drug war and development policy. The election of that nation's first leftist leader, along with the rise of Chinese influence, signals the need for American policy to change. 

  • Beware the Imperative in Foreign Policymaking

    by Michael J. Mazarr

    When foreign policy decisions are presented as imperative – that some action must be taken –  consideration for the consequences is often neglected. 

  • The Long History of American Isolationism

    by Lindsay Chervinsky

    Since the days of George Washington, the imperatives of American economic development and hegemony over the western hemisphere, and the desire to avoid European wars, have been in tension. 

  • John Mearsheimer and the Dark Origins of Realism

    by Adam Tooze

    The vitriol aimed at Mearsheimer's diagnosis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict transcends academic debate and points to the liberal west's frustration at how little it can actually influence Russia. It's a missed opportunity to reflect on the roots and influence of his realist philosophy.

  • Ukraine's Wakeup Call: A Global Age is Here

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    Whether it's cyberwarfare or energy prices, the impacts of the invasion of Ukraine on Americans will be significant, and national leaders need to respond in ways that recognize global interconnections. 

  • A Purgatorial Message from JFK to Joe Biden

    by Andrew Bacevich

    "I urge you to think carefully before making the leap into such an unmourned past.  Whatever your political advisers may imagine, displays of presidential toughness aren’t what our nation needs right now."