• Abolish Legacy Admissions

    by Ronald J. Daniels

    "Legacy preference is immobility written as policy, preserving for children the same advantages enjoyed by their parents. It embodies in stark and indefensible terms inherited privilege in higher education."

  • Break Up the Ivy League Cartel

    by Sam Haselby

    The incredible wealth of Ivy League and other elite universities, combined with their ever-dwindling acceptance rates, suggests that contemporary meritocracy is working to reproduce a tiny economic and political elite at the expense of democracy. 

  • Northern Ireland peace agreement flawed and elitist, says historian

    The Good Friday Agreement is "flawed and elitist" but will not be derailed by the forthcoming 1916 commemorations or the threat from dissidents, according to historian Professor Paul Bew.The Queen's University academic told the 20th annual Burren Law School in Co Clare that the Agreement "ended the Cold War" within the Island of Ireland."The Good Friday Agreement was an elitist, top down process which explains its inadequacies but also explains why it continues to work," said Prof Bew. "This (the Agreement) is a stable process... it is perfectly clear what the rules of the game are."...