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  • Originally published 02/05/2018

    Our Enemy, Ourselves

    William J. Astore

    Ten Commonsense Suggestions for Making Peace, Not War

  • Originally published 07/27/2014

    Where Is The Passion for Peace?

    Walter G. Moss

    Today, as conflicts and bloodshed occur in Ukraine (and Gaza, Syria, and elsewhere), we wonder why in the past century we have advanced so little in our ability to prevent such senseless wars.

  • Originally published 05/06/2013

    The Historic Agreement to End the Conflict in Kosovo

    Ian Reifowitz

    Photo credit: Flickr/_Matt_T_After protracted, months-long negotiations, Kosovo and Serbia recently agreed to a compromise on sovereignty and autonomy that would end two decades of conflict. In extinguishing the last embers of war in what was Yugoslavia -- the volatile, ethnically divided nation where the assassination of an Austrian archduke launched World War I, and where civil war throughout the nineties led to ethnic cleansing and other atrocities -- Europe is nearing the end of its long journey to overcome its tribal enmities and build a cohesive, peaceful civilization.

  • Originally published 07/18/2014

    War, Peace, and Murray Rothbard

    Liberty and Power

    With wars raging in the Middle East, it seems like a good time to revisit a classic work by Murray Rothbard (1926–1995), the economist, historian, and political philosopher who had a lot to do with the birth and evolution of the modern libertarian movement. His “War, Peace, and the State” is something that all peace advocates — not just self-conscious libertarians — ought to be familiar with.