• Honoring Memory of the Sand Creek Massacre in the Age of COVID

    by Billy J. Stratton

    The community of descendants of the Sand Creek Massacre maintain rituals of healing that honor the dead while affirming bonds of community that have been tested by a long history of dispossession and the recent trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Colorado votes to abolish slavery

    Critics have expressed concern that the new language will make it unconstitutional for incarcerated individuals to work in prisons, Colorado Public Radio reported.

  • Family History Haunts G.O.P. Candidate for Governor in Colorado

    The Stapleton neighborhood in Denver, Colo., takes its name from Benjamin Stapleton, a member of the Ku Klux Klan who served as Denver’s mayor for five terms. Stapleton’s great-grandson, Walker Stapleton, is the Republican candidate for governor.

  • Historic Riverside Cemetery embodies Denver's past

    Denver's city of the dead is very much alive.Like Mark Twain, Riverside Cemetery has had its premature demise reported more than once. The city's premiere burial ground opened on July 1, 1876, at 5201 Brighton Blvd. on the Denver/Adams county line.In 1901, historian Jerome Smiley gushed, "(Riverside) is a most beautiful city of the dead, adorned with shrubbery and lawns and costly monuments, so that one feels in the midst of it all, that rivers of human love and devotion flow up and down all its walks and drives."...