• America's Lost Faith in the News

    by Louis Menand

    Politicians' success in demonizing and discrediting unfriendly news media threatens to undermine "the facts" as a shared social reality. Is anyone prepared to live in that world? 

  • How a Major Christian News Organization Lost its Way

    by Marvin Olasky

    The Christian news magazine "World" once combined a religious perspective with editorial independence and investigative reporting. Today's Christian nationalist climate has no room for that, says the former editor. 

  • The Debate Renews: Show Images Victims of Mass Killings in the Press?

    by Jelani Cobb

    Mamie Till's decision to place her son's open casket in the national media shone a light on Jim Crow atrocities, but it's unclear that showing the victims of gun massacres – even children – is making any difference. Photos of hundreds of lynching victims only encouraged their killers.

  • Why are Historians at War with the New York Times?

    Politico's media columnist argues that the paper's outsize role in the culture is driving the anger of historians whose uncredited work was foundational to the paper's recent series on Haiti's debt payments to France. 

  • What's New and Not in the NYT Haiti Blockbuster

    by Jonathan M. Katz

    What can be taken away from the battle erupting between journalists and historians over the Times's blockbuster news event on Haiti's post-independence forced ransom? 

  • Nicole Hemmer Reviews Martin and Burns's "This Will Not Pass"

    by Nicole Hemmer

    The book by two political reporters portrays the dire contrast between a Republican Party willing to do anything to hold power between November 2020 and January 2021 and a Democratic Party enmeshed in business-as-usual.