• HNN Introduces Classroom Activity Kits

    by Chelsea Connolly and Kyla Sommers

    Combining the fields of journalism and history, these activity kits provide educators with complete downloadable lesson plans.

  • History prof's tirade against class-skippers draws attention

    When students failed to show up for a lecture given by Guy Halsall, professor of history at the University of York, you might imagine that he suffered a flicker of self-doubt and that the empty seats bruised the confidence of a sensitive scholar.Not a bit of it: Professor Halsall berated his students for missing a lecture from "probably the most significant historian of early medieval Europe under the age of 60."He posted the comments within the university's virtual learning environment, which is used for online contact between students and tutors.According to York student newspaper Nouse, Professor Halsall responded to an underattended second-year lecture by telling students they were failing to make the most of the "obscene amounts of money" that "mummy and daddy" were paying for their education....