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  • Originally published 04/14/2013

    David Cannadine: How Should We Rank Margaret Thatcher?

    ...Mrs. Thatcher was a more complex personality and contradictory politician than the true-blue-rinse, pearls-and-twin-set, Britannia-meets-Gloriana caricature so beloved by her admirers and reviled by her opponents. She achieved more as a woman in public life than ever seemed possible in her generation; but feminists reciprocated her undoubted dislike of them; and having married a rich man, she enjoyed many advantages denied to most of her gender. She also claimed to be a “conviction politician”; but before 1974, those convictions were the conventional welfare-state pieties of postwar consensus Toryism, and she won the 1979 general election by not being Labour rather than by being the Thatcherite she later became.

  • Originally published 04/11/2013

    Cheney wrong again

     It’s one of Margaret Thatcher’s most memorable quotes, spoken to President George H.W. Bush after Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait: "Remember, George, this is no time to go wobbly."It evokes the image of a weak-spined Bush, bolstered by the Iron Lady.Dick Cheney, the defense secretary who would become vice president, recently called it "an old wives’ story."And we said: Really?