Common Core

  • How the GOP Turned on Common Core

    The stunningly swift reversal by Republican politicians didn’t happen by accident. It was the result of an organized effort by Tea Party-affiliated groups anxious to make a mark after a series of legislative losses.

  • We Must Not Gloss Over America's Past

    by Walter Kamphoefner

    Our form of government has survived for more than two centuries not because it was perfect at the creation. It survived because it contains mechanisms for self-criticism and self-improvement, mechanisms that are undermined by "feel-good" history.

  • Good Riddance to Common Core Testing

    by Diane Ravitch

    So far, at least 17 states have backed away from using the federal tests this spring, and some are determined not to use them ever.

  • Diane Ravitch blasts Common Core

    "It’s been estimated by people who study the Gates website that they spent $2.3 billion to create the Common Core.”