• Can Jurors Hold Alex Jones Accountable?

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    Alex Jones's defenders on the far right claim the judgment is a political persecution. They must remember that the agents of that verdict weren't government officials, but jurors – American citizens exercising a duty to weigh facts and evidence. Maybe the excesses of MAGA need to meet a jury as well. 

  • The Geographical Correlation Between Slavery Then and Guns Now

    by Matthew Rozsa

    A new study finds a strong county-level correlation between the number of slaves owned before the Civil War and the number of guns owned today. Is the answer in the violent history of white supremacy in the Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras? 

  • What SCOTUS's Guns Ruling Means for New York

    Researchers suggest that the recently overturned New York state law did make residents significantly safer – from gun suicides – when it was passed more than a century ago. 

  • The Right Celebrated Bernhard Goetz as the Kyle Rittenhouse of the 80s

    by Pia Beumer

    In the context of economic turmoil, urban crisis, and racial division, a broad swath of the American public made Goetz a heroic symbol of restored white masculinity after he shot four Black teens who asked him for money on the New York subway.

  • Pro-Life and Pro-Gun?

    by Daniel K. Williams

    Gun rights aren't intrinsic to evangelical Christian theology. But they are intrinsic to the individualism through which most white Evangelicals see the world and frame their political identity.

  • The Forgotten School Gun Massacre in Stockton, CA

    Patrick Purdy killed 5 children, all from Southeast Asian refugee families, and injured 30 others in a schoolyard gun attack in 1989, an incident that should be a reminder of the horrific combination of racism and guns in America. Gun violence scholar Pat Blanchfield explains how we've collectively forgotten.

  • The Sandy Hook Settlement Could Transform the Marketing of Guns

    by Tracy L. Barnett

    The settlement between Remington and the families of victims does not accept fault, but it does establish the dangerous connection between the marketing of guns as totems of masculinity and the damage done by young men who acquire them with ease. 

  • A Year Later: Our Tattered and Fragile Democracy

    by James D. Zirin

    American political institutions face a crisis: can they defend themselves against a growing movement that will deploy violence to achieve its goals, or will January 6 become the new normal?