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Dartmouth College

  • Originally published 05/31/2013

    James Wright, historian and former Dartmouth president, retires

    Whenever people inquired about his profession, former College President James Wright would tell them he was just a teacher, or a historian. Wright will retire this year after over four decades at the College, both as an administrator and beloved history professor. Wright served as president from 1998 to 2009.When he arrived on campus in the fall of 1969, Dartmouth was an all-male institution with little diversity. Though Dartmouth’s demographics have changed, it still values and encourages strong student-faculty relationships and a commitment to undergraduate teaching, he said.During his time as president, Wright said he was glad he could provide more support for faculty and expand financial aid for students. He grew the size and compensation of Dartmouth’s faculty, developed the College’s capital campaign, the Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience, and oversaw expansive construction efforts on campus. The Fahey and McLane and McLaughlin residence halls were built and the Alumni Gymnasium was renovated....

  • Originally published 01/22/2004

    A Historian Discovers that Students Today Don't Know that AIDS Originally Was Regarded as a "Gay Disease"

    [T]his past fall, while teaching an undergraduate course called"Plagues and Politics: The Impact of AIDS on US Culture" at Dartmouth College, I was shocked — profoundly shocked — by the fact that only three of the 34 students in the class had any idea that AIDS was once widely regarded as a gay-male disease. As someone who lived through the AIDS epidemic, who has lost lovers and friends too numerous to count, I was literally stunned: how could this be?