Jewish history

  • Selling the Holocaust?

    Writer Menachem Kaiser discusses the genre of Holocaust writing and the engagment of the generation of grandchildren of survivors with Jewish Currents editors Arielle Angel and Maia Ipp. 

  • Children of the Holocaust Who Are Anonymous No More

    Researchers using digital enhancement have been able to identify some passengers filmed on a train transporting them to concentration camps; some of those identified are survivors. 

  • The Ritchie Boys

    Stories from members of the Ritchie Boys, a secret U.S. WWII intelligence unit bolstered by German-born Jews.

  • Reflections on Russia's "Victory Day"

    by Nadya Williams

    Russia's observance of Victory Day prompts reflection on the ways Holocaust survivors and their descendants lived lives shaped by this trauma. 

  • Scholars Fear Impact of Poland's Law on the Holocaust

    Poland's right-wing government has sought to promote a narrative of national victimhood by the forces of Nazism and Communism. Historians who study the participation or complicity of Poles in the Holocaust face a threat of legal action that historian Audrey Kichelewski says is chilling. 

  • Philanthropy and the “Jewish Continuity Crisis”

    by Hadas Binyamini

    The particular focus of some large Jewish philanthropic organizations on promoting Zionism and denouncing intermarriage reflects changes in the broader philanthropic universe: private wealth supplanting the welfare state, and rules encouraging charities to invest and amass wealth, and the focus on nuclear families as social units.

  • Hidden Stories of Jewish Resistance in Poland

    by Judy Batalion

    I was fascinated by the widespread resistance efforts of Polish Jews, but equally by their absence from current understandings of the war. Of all the legions of Holocaust tales, what had happened to this one?

  • Attacking Critical Race Theory: A Modern Campaign of Conversion?

    by Guy Lancaster

    There is a recurrent idea among political elites that particular ideas are the wellspring of social discord and strife, and that ridding society of the idea will usher in unity. The Talmud and the 1619 Project have filled similar roles in different eras.