culture war

  • Is There an Uncontroversial Way to Teach America’s Racist History?

    Vox's Sean Illing interviews historian Jarvis R. Givens, an expert on African American education, about the idea that, while Black teachers have been practicing antiracist education for generations, the idea becomes controversial when implemented in classrooms where White students learn. 

  • Demonizing Critical Race Theory

    by Charles M. Blow

    Times columnist Charles Blow doesn't "even believe that most people have any real concept of what critical race theory is. It’s just a collection of words that hint, to them, at agitation and aggrievement."

  • Legislating Against Critical Race Theory

    More than a dozen states considered or passed legislation targeting critical race theory this year. How has this academic concept become so politicized?

  • The Bright Side of a Bad Texas History Bill? It’s Too Late to Whitewash the Past

    by John Morán González and Benjamin H. Johnson

    "The authors of HB 3979 assume that teachers left to their own devices will present their students with the dark and vexing chapters of Texas history. Perhaps on some level they realize that control over the narrative of Texas history has escaped their grasp."

  • The Fog of History Wars

    by David W. Blight

    Nations have histories, and someone must write and teach them, but the 1990s battle over the National Standards for History remains a warning to all those who try – setting a history curriculum is politics by other means, and the right has always been willing to fight over it.

  • Who Gets to Decide What is History?

    Education Historian Jonathan Zimmerman tells the Monitor that denying the presence of racism in the past is bad policy and that students must be able to consider and debate expert views on what racism has meant in American history. 

  • Trump Teams Up with Newt for New Contract With America

    If Newt Gingrich is to be belived, the Republicans hope to win back Congressional majorities by focusing on culture war grudges that involve historians –particularly targeting the teaching of critical perspectives on American racism. 

  • Laws Against Teaching Critical Race Theory in College are Unconstitutional

    by Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr.

    "Since the 1950s — when a Red Scare mentality led legislators to try to ban the teaching of communist or socialist theories in state educational institutions — the Supreme Court repeatedly has held that universities, as well as individual professors, enjoy a First Amendment right to academic freedom."

  • I Am A Veteran History Teacher. Let Me Teach History

    by Valencia Ann Abbott

    Culture wars and legislative battles over things like the 1619 Project and "critical race theory" have made classrooms "a minefield of political dos and don'ts," where facts and truths are treated as dangerous, says a veteran secondary school history instructor. 

  • What Is Critical Race Theory And Why Did Oklahoma Just Ban It?

    by Kathryn Schumaker

    Attacks on "critical race theory" in Oklahoma's legislature are part of a political effort to prevent discussion of the state's racist past – the legislature made CRT a culture war issue as the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre approaches. Here's why we need more, not less, of the ideas behind CRT.

  • The War on Critical Race Theory

    by David Theo Goldberg

    "The exact targets of CRT’s critics vary wildly, but it is obvious that most critics simply do not know what they are talking about. Instead, CRT functions for the right today primarily as an empty signifier for any talk of race and racism at all."