culture war

  • Anti-CRT Legislation at Fever Pitch in States

    Suzanne Nossel of PEN America argues that legislation that dictates what can be taught is at "the top of the pyramid" in terms of the broad array of threats to free speech on campuses. 

  • Historians on Teaching with Integrity in the Face of "Gag Laws"

      Leonard Moore, Katharina Matro, Julia Brookins, Kathleen Hilliard, James Grossman, Hasan Kwame Jeffries, and James Sweet describe how their ability to examine the past honestly and students' freedom to learn support democracy. 

  • When a Right-Wing Attack on Textbooks Was Stopped

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    A McCarthy-era attack on a leading civics textbook fell short because of both organized resistance and the unpopularity of the ideas behind the ban. Supporters of academic freedom today can potentially draw on both of those elements, too. 

  • Calling Culture War a "Distraction" Mistakes its Meaning

    by Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò

    The right is fighting to make sure that one group's values are more influential than any others'. It's impossible to separate this from material politics, and the left needs to connect its values to changing the way people live. 

  • With Educational Gag Orders, The Vagueness is the Point

    The failure of states to offer precise guidance for which lessons are acceptable and which aren't suggests that "divisive concepts" laws and other legislation are intended to chill teachers' ability to discuss politically sensitive subjects. 

  • How "Divisive Concepts" Laws are Targeting Universities

    A survey of recent legislation affecting the teaching of "divisive concepts" in history and other courses, plus changes to what kinds of diversity trainings are required or permitted in multiple states. 

  • Tucker Carlson Heralds Yet Another "Crisis of Masculinity"

    by Mona Charen

    Tucker Carlson's recent examination of testicular tanning as a boost to manliness shows the need for societies to support pathways to male expression that don't lead to violence or painful sunburns. 

  • The Next Front of the Culture War? Your Public Library

    "Conservative activists in several states, including Texas, Montana and Louisiana have joined forces with like-minded officials to dissolve libraries’ governing bodies, rewrite or delete censorship protections, and remove books outside of official challenge procedures."

  • CRT Not What You've Been Told, Florida Professor Tells Public

    Michael Butler, author of two books on the civil rights struggle in Florida, told an audience that the controversy was being stoked to prevent constructive public debate by folding all historical discussion of racism into a "frightening, dangerous, scary" term. 

  • Why Iowa Students are Walking Out in Protest

    Restrictions on "divisive concepts" are among the legislative developments that make Iowa high school students fear their educations are being treated as a political football. 

  • Campus CRT Battles Recall 1920s Evolution Fight

    by Adam Laats

    Faculty and teachers who want to fight back against the Critical Race Theory panic can take the high ground by stressing the importance of quality research and teaching, if the 1920s are a guide. 

  • Nationwide, Faculty Fight for Academic Freedom

    by Ellen Schrecker

    "When they act collectively, professors have the power to protect academic freedom and the desire to teach the truth. Let us hope they also have the will."